Ready for living space that’s a step above the typical apartment complex? It's right here, in the heart of south Austin. B-AUSTIN’s design will nurture the environment and connect neighbors, fostering a lifestyle that is particularly Austin.

There's solar electricity, EV charging, rainwater collection, and gray water recycling. But truly sustainable living is about more than just that. It’s also about maintaining a space that builds relationships to feed your body and your mind. By nurturing the environment and connecting with our neighbors, we create a culture that is a cornerstone of the Austin lifestyle.

B-Austin has an intentionally small footprint. Fourteen modern apartment homes sustainably designed to include:

  • Electricity from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • Groundbreaking water conservation utilizing gray water recycling and rainwater collection
  • Electric vehicle (EV) Level 2 charging station
  • Zero waste program
  • Community gardens
  • Amenities to sustain your health and well-being

Conserving Resources, Simply

At B-Austin our goal is to totally avoid using potable drinking water to water landscape and gardens. Reclaimed gray water and captured rainwater will nurture everything growing in our community. And the best part? You don’t see any of this or change any of your habits. Conserving our resources is literally built into the property, for your convenience.

Recycling Gray Water

B-Austin will be the first mixed-use multifamily community in Austin to use gray water recycling. Gray water recycling is the filtering and reuse of water from bathtubs, hand sinks, and washing machines. This water will be filtered and sent to our landscaping via drip irrigation and monitored by moisture sensors to prevent over-watering. Reusing gray water will allow our residents to do something good for the environment in a way that’s…well…simple.

Harvesting Rainwater

A recovery system will allow us to collect and use rainwater. The harvested water is used for gardens and any landscaping needs not met by our gray water system. Our long-term goal is to use fresh water from your taps for drinking only, showering, dishes, and laundry.

Collecting Solar Rays

Our photovoltaic system (solar) is estimated to offset nearly 25% of B-Austin’s electric needs. Our system will help power our electric vehicle (EV) chargers as well, meaning any EVs that charge on site are closer to true zero emissions.